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Current Position

Associate Professor of  Saint Ambrose University, Dept. of Math.

Honorary Positions

Mathematics Counselor of

FIC  (Flight Inspection Center) of CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority),

Korean Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

Mathematics Reviewer of American Mathematical Society

Mathematics Consultant  of  Round Table Group


Saint. Ambrose University,  Department of Mathematics

421 Ambrose Hall, 518 W. Locust Street

Davenport, Iowa   52803,   U. S. A.



Research Fields :

Free Probability,  Operator algebra & Theory,  Combinatorics,  Groupoid Dynamical Systems


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Advisor(s) :       I really appreciate ;

Ph. D Degree Advisor : Prof. Florin Radulescu

Master Degree Advisor  : Prof. Woo Young Lee


To know something is better than to know nothing. To like something is better than to know them. To love them is better than to like them. To enjoy them is better than to love them. I love Math... I'm trying to enjoy it!

There are four kinds of people in the world ; (1) The people whom I can meet whenever I want to meet. (2) The people whom I do not meet, because I don't want to meet. (3) The people whom I have to meet even though I don't want to meet. (4) The people whom I cannot meet even though I want to meet. The happiest person is one who has many (1)'s, the opposite case, a person who has many (4)'s.

Truth is out there ! If we can go "out there", then there will be "out-there" of "the-out-there".

Why ?       ..............    Why Not ?

Knowing "A" is learning that I did not know "A"!

Mathematics is the PROVEN philosophy. There cannot be criticism in Math.

There is no difference between "pure math" and "applied math!"  All results from so-called "Pure math" can be applicable to not only science but also human activities including philosophy.

People can not live permanently. So, they try to define and explain "facts" compactly even though the "facts" are not compact, for instance, history etc. Furthermore, each person understands "the facts" differently (It is true!). That is, "the facts" are understood locally compactly. In other words, your compactification and my compactification of the same event might be different. Suppose we live on a real line (You may regard the real line as the time-axis). Then there are two possible compactifications so-called the two-point-compactification and the one-point-compactification. The former one is to make the real line be a line segment, by adding the initial point (negative infinity) and the terminal point (positive infinity) and the later one is to make the real line be a circle, by adding the one point outside the line. Which compactification looks better?

We do know we are time-traveling to the future at every moment. Amazingly we can go to the past. See the stars tonight. You can see millions years past. But! we cannot see hundreds or thousands years past of our near universe (for instance, inside the solar system or inside where we live or inside your grandparents life). What are the gaps between "our" "near" past-universe and the past-universe we can see tonight? Think about that there is "present" or not.

What is the difference between teachers (or educators) and professors? Simple! Professors are researchers and teachers are respectable human-beings who can share their knowledge to students and hence make students prepare their lives and help them construct their characters and personality. Being a teacher is a holy job. In fact, being a teacher should not be understood as getting a job. The huge responsibility will be there. Being a teacher is being a respectable, responsible human being who can determine students lives. Being a professor is just being a researcher, or an experts who is willing to share his / her advanced knowledge. Being a professor is having a "duty" for studying his / her research area. For the professors, teaching is nothing but spreading high qualified knowledge to the qualified students. Since each research field develops incredibly fast, sometimes, professors have to teach basic courses. But they must not stop their research because their duty is to research. If they do not have things to be researched, then at least they have to write a book. 

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