Heidi Haessig, '07 The first time Heidi Haessig visited St. Ambrose, she felt instantly at home. “My faith has been important to me since I was little,” Heidi says, “but at Ambrose, I felt more comfortable talking about Catholicism. When I chose to go to Prime Time Mass outdoors in the Grotto, I really got to know the group who came.”


While a student at Ambrose, she also enjoyed her volunteer work with Campus Ministry, which included serving as a leader of the Antioch Retreat at Sugar Creek Retreat Center near Preston, Iowa. “It’s a chance to get away from the chaos of our lives, listen to fellow students, reflect on what people say, and spend time relaxing.”

Heidi’s faith formation at Ambrose helped her meet the challenges of college life and gave her the confidence once she graduated to teach religion to parochial school kindergarteners. She encourages all Ambrose students to look into Campus Ministry, where her own spiritual journey became a large part of her identity—and continues to define her today. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic or non-Catholic. If you want to be involved, you can be.”

Ambrose’s inclusiveness and respect for other faiths encourage every student—undergraduate, graduate and those in continuing education—to learn more about all belief systems, including their own. Through retreats, interfaith celebrations and service-learning activities, you can explore what your faith means to you and how the values you derive from it shape your daily interactions. As our students develop spiritually, they become the kind of ethical professionals and compassionate leaders that are so vital to the greater community.

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