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Course Description:

 The Human Resource Management course prepares students for immediate action on the job by providing students with the practical tools and applications, as well as the theoretical principles, of human resource management in contemporary organizations.  The course covers all relevant topics but concentrates on communication, motivation and personnel management.  The course is designed to include that would ordinarily be identified as task within a “personal department” but to treat these as functions in such a way that students can apply them regardless of the size or structural configuration of there organization. 


Course Objectives: 


We do not have a text for the class.  I have used the web to put together the necessary text, articles, and references so that you do not have to buy a text.  You’re welcome.  But I will ask that you build your “text” using all of the downloads and keeping them in a folder. 



Week Class Activity and Next Weeks Assignment

Week 1:  Introduction to class, Handouts and Expectations.

                        Using the web for HR research.  Starting with

                        Doing a job analysis: ; Download and bring to class: jttp:// as described in class.

                        Job Analysis at local companies – overheads

                         Download, print, read and bring to class:  Job description handout

                         O-net is a super place to expanded your understanding of job description. It includes some suggestions for KSA and other considerations for the job. It also has an interesting feature where you can look at KSA's independent of the jobs in terms of their descriptions and applicability to certain kinds of work. It also helps you see more clearly the difference between knowledge and skill and ability - a distinction that often perplexes people. This is a must see and must use resources:

                        Discussion job description project paper.

                        Develop job description using format from handout.  Click here for sample job description

Week 2:   Job Description cont.

                        In class exercise on job analysis and job descriptions. Verbs to use in job descriptions:                     

Week 3:  Recruiting

                          Register with The Monster at

                          Discuss recruiting issues.  Hiring lots of people?  Download, print and bring to class:

                          Develop a recruiting plan from your job description.  Click here for sample recruiting paper

Week 4:   More recruiting

                           9.19 International recruiting

                            9.21  Visit by Career Assistance Center on what employers are looking for and job hunting

Week 5:  Selection

                        Click on, download and print front page and from the upper left category:  “Methods” select the following hyperlinks and print out the pages for each:  “Overview”, “Interview”, “Biographical Information”, “Cognitive Abilities Test”, “Work Sample Tests”.  Also from the category “Employer’s Guide to Good Practice” download and bring to class, “Issues and Concerns about Assessments.”

                        Pre-interviewing strategies:  the Richards’ System

                         Developing a selection paper.  Click here for sample selection paper

                          Testing as a selection tool

                          Interviewing as a selection tool


Week 6:   Selection continued

                       Interviewing from the other side of the table

                       Background Checks

Week 7:   Spring Break Week


Week 8:  Exams over material to date

                Tuesday - Job Analysis and Job Description

                Thursday - Recruiting and Selection


 Week 9: Performance Evaluations

                         Performance Evaluations

                        download, read and bring to class.  We will discuss in class.

                        Developing a performance evaluation paper.  Click here for sample performance evaluation paper.

                       Looking for some ideas about your kind of job? Check out this web page, it might help:



Week 10:  Performance evaluations continued

                        In class:  Scrapping performance evals


                        Building a pay for performance evaluation system

Week 11: 360 systems

Building a 360 degree performance evaluation system:  click here for readings on how to construct a 360 degree system:   Download, print, and bring to class.  Also on bottom of the site, click on the Item Selector hyperlink and download and print out the Item Selector items.  Choose the ones you think would be the most appropriate for your job.  Check them on your hard copy and bring to class for discussion. 

Week 12: Compensation

                          Reference material for compensation:

                         Developing a compensation paper.  Click here for sample compensation


                          Types of compensation

Week 13:  Compensation continued

                       Issues of compensation and motivation:  Download, read, and bring to class The pros and cons of pay for performance -

                In class presentation on behavioral basis of pay for performance.

                      Test over performance evaluation material

                        Speaker on Hayes System: Point rating systems.  In class exercise using the Hay System.


Week 14:  Training: Employee Orientations

Week 15:  Training

                          Developing a training paper.  Click , fill out survey, then simply go to File/Print and print it out. Then write a 3 page double space analysis of what skills you want to develop further and specifically how you will do that.

 Training modalities:  Virtual vs. Live Classroom.  Download, read and bring to class.


Final week 

Cafeteria Grading Options

You may pick any combination of methods for your evaluation for this class to add up to your desired number of points.  I require that you have an e-mail address.  If you do not have one contact Academic Computing on the 3rd Floor of Ambrose Hall.  Your options are

  1. Brief Project Papers – 30 points each, 4 pages, samples and class instruction on how to complete.  If you intend to do any of these, you must do the Job Description because the rest are based on it.  Total possible 180 point:
  1. Job Description
  2. Recruiting Plan
  3. Selection Strategy
  4. Performance Evaluation
  5. Compensation paper
  6. Training Plan

2.    Article reports – 10 pts each

You may write reviews and critiques of articles related to human resource management.  I have also shown you how to use the electronic database, EBSCO and web sites containing relevant articles.  Reviews must include a brief summary of the overall material and a critique of some part of the article that you find worthy of special attention.  Reviews should be 2 pages double spaced, 1” margins, and 12-pt type.  You can find the links to the databases at : Passwords will be handed out in class. Choose articles of sufficient length and sophistication to be able to do both a summary and critique.

See also web pages section below for links to articles.

3.    Book Reviews – 50 points

You can write reviews and critiques of books related to any topic(s) we cover in class.  Reviews must include a brief summary of the overall material and a critique of some part of the book that you find worthy of special attention.  Reviews should be at  least 6 pages, 1” margins, 12 pt type. 

4.    Interviews with organizational managers – 50 points

You may interview any business or organizational manager on any issue or topic covered in the class.  You need my prior approval for interview and questions.  Interview write up should be at least five pages. Two interviews maximum.

5. Mock Interview at Career Assistance Center - 20 points

You may schedule and practice an interview through the CAC, bring back your evaluation sheet to get credit.

6. Job Interview write up - 20 points

If you go on a live job interview, you may get credit for it based on a 4 page double-spaced written analysis of the interview comparing and contrasting it to what we covered in class on interviewing, or what you ahve read in other articles.

7.    Class presentation – 50 points

You may make a class presentation on any topics covered in class.  It must be made during the topic period.  Prior approval.  15 minutes – power point required.  Brief Annotated Bibliography.  One per student maximum.

8.    Guest speaker reaction papers – 10 points

If we are lucky enough to score a guest speaker, you may write up a one page reaction paper.

 9.    Web Site Reviews – 20 points, maximum 8 sites

You may visit various web sites featuring information and resources for the topics covered in class.  Three pages, 1 page summary, 2 pages critique.  Here is a sample of a strong paper: Sample Review.

To assist you, I have assembled a list of sites you can use or use the links from these sites to other ones.  Click here for HR web sites.  These sites change constantly.  If you find a dead link please e-mail me so I can fix it or delete it.  You may also find and use articles through these web sites that you can use for article reviews.

10.    Formal paper – 10 points per page

You may write a formal research paper on any topic covered in class.  Prior approval and discussion with me is required.

11. On the job project - negotiable

You may, in cooperation with your supervisor at work, design a special HR related work project that benefits your employer in some way. This is negotiated among you, me and your supervisor.


Grading Scale piling up the points:


A:  450

B:  400

C:  350

D:  300