Deanna Stoube, PhD.

Director, St. Ambrose Clinical Reading Center

Deanna 2009

Ambrose Hall 201
Phone: 563-333-6079
Area(s) of Interest:
Reading Education

Email Me:

St. Ambrose University
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport IA 52803
(563) 333-6000

SAU Education Department

Date last modified: 08/06/09

Biographical Information

Favorite Quote:

We've taught you that the world is round,
That red and white make pink,
And something else that matters more--
We've taught you how to think.

                                            Suess, Prelutsky, and Smith

Office Hours:

Mondays, 8am-noon & Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-2

Specific Materials Pertaining to Reading Education Classes:

EDUC 369 Child and Adolescent Literature 3 credits
Evaluation of Quality literature written for and read by children and young adolescents. Methods of choosing books related to promoting reading as an enjoyable and meaningful activity and developing competence in presenting literature to children and adolescents (including oral interpretation of literature and creative dramatics). Prerequisites: EDUC 205 or 207; EDUC 284 0r PSYC 284.

EDUC 459.  Elementary Content Reading  3 credits
Undergraduate teacher-preparation course focuses on methods and strategies designed to maximize elementary student content area learning (e.g. social studies, science, literature, mathematics, art, music, etc.) using literacy strategies.  Literacy strategies discussed enhance learning by improving students' abilities to read, write, studey, and think critically in the language of the content area.  Incorporates technology and requires the student do a learning designed project to reinforce strategies learned.  Prerequisites:  EDUC 453.

EDUC 372 Teaching Reading and Language Arts in Grades 4-8 3 credits
Designed to teach students about curriculum organization and instructional planning for children in grades 4-8.  Strategies for language development in upper primary children are explored.  Includes methods and materials for teaching all areas of language arts and developmental reading.  Lecture and field hours in a classroom setting are involved.  Prerequisites:  EDUC 371 and admission to Teacher Education Program

EDUC 452  Diagnostic and Prescriptive Techniques of Teaching Reading 4 credits
Diagnostic and prescriptive techniques for classroom teachers of reading. Corrective techniques appropriate for less severe reading disabilities; writing diagnostic and progress reports; parent interviews; designing prescriptions for teaching, tutoring and evaluating children in clinical setting. Lecture and laboratory. Graduate students (552) are required to fulfill 452 requirements, complete a daily reflection form, and transcript six interactions with their child. Prerequisite: ECE 303/EDUC 370 or consent of instructor, minimum 25 clock hours of clinical work with students. EDUC 552 prerequisites: One foundation course in reading and at least two years teaching experience.

EDUC 453. Reading Clinic: Advanced Teaching Practicum 4 credits
Diagnosis and correction of reading problems in a clinical setting. Using and evaluating formal and informal test instruments; writing diagnostic and progress reports; parent interviews; designing prescriptions for teaching, tutoring and evaluating children in reading programs and content areas. Prerequisites: Senior standing; ECE 303 or EDUC 370, 369, 452; and minimum 25 clock hours of clinical work with students.

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